TURBOCOW completes the development of mastitis diagnostics system with promising results

Mastitis is an important bovine production disease that affects the dairy industry worldwide. The fundamental methods of mastitis control at the farm level are monitoring of somatic cell counts (SCC) and the identification of pathogens in milk samples. Three years ago, SIA “Vet Health Spektrum” (TURBOCOW) started the implementation of the project “Industrial Research of […]

TURBOCOW organizes the event on the milk production and quality in the dairy

On April 19, 2022 at 18.00 CEST we are organizing the event on ‘How to boost up milk production and quality in the dairy industry in 2022.  In this 60 minute online webinar, we will be showing you (among other things): 🚀 What are the current trending technologies in cows’ healthcare diagnostics (biosensors, microfluidics, AI, […]